Al Noor 166 High Street, Acton, London, W3 6QZ, W3 6QZ Food Hygiene Rating is 3

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Basic Details
Retailers - other
Sat 19th January 2019

Al Noor Location
About the ratings

The food hygiene rating for Al Noor is '3'. This means some improvement is necessary to comply with statutory obligations and industry codes of practice.

The food hygiene and safety procedures (this includes food handling practice and procedures, temperature control of fridges etc) of Al Noor is ranked Average.

The structure (cleanliness, ventilation, layout, facilities etc) of Al Noor is ranked Average.

The judgement on confidence in management (such as willingness to act on advice, enforcement of practices, attitude towards hygiene and safety etc) of Al Noor is ranked Average.

Who Rates this?

The Council who rated this premises is Ealing. You can contact them about the food hygiene rating below.

Council Information ID

This food hygiene rating has been taken from the website and is checked automatically every few weeks. To be sure of any food hygiene rating shown we recommend you check against the website and this information is provided as is.

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